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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

How to use

The XVR Simulation Platform provides a realistic, immersive learning environment for incident response professionals. Offering a combination of 3D virtual simulation, map-based information, photography and videos, the XVR Platform supports a variety of learning methods.

Train & Exercise
The XVR simulation platform is designed to Train & Exercise emergency response professionals. XVR is used for on scene command level up to strategic decision makers, in both single as well as multi-agency scenarios. Onsite training in a simulation centre, mobile training using laptops as well as remote training via Internet are all offered in XVR.

The same XVR platform offers instructors a user-friendly scenario visualization tool to support Teaching & Learning. XVR scenarios can for example be used during a classroom lecture or to create e-learning courseware. Brief & Debrief XVR can be used to recreate any incident in photo-realistic 3D environments. This is useful to Brief & Debrief participants in live training centres. XVR can similarly be used to learn from past incidents by recreating historic incidents and the response. 

Several assessment methods that use XVR are accredited to assess emergency professional competency. XVR allows creation of assessment scenarios which are predictable and repeatable to allow for unbiased assessment of participants.

Check this schedule to see which learning method can be used with which XVR module

You can find more information on the Return on Investment when you use XVR here.

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