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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security


XVR supports creation of assessment scenarios which are predictable and repeatable to allow for unbiased assessment of participants.

The XVR Simulation Platform and/or scenarios created with XVR have been approved / accredited by several international organisations for use in training exercises and assessments including:

Institute of Safety IFE, Netherlands
Accreditation of assessment scenarios using the XVR Simulation Platform for on scene commanders in technical rescue, urban fires, hazmat and water rescue
in the Netherlands.

Accreditation of courses with XVR scenarios designed and run by Falck, Netherlands for MOME (Management of Major Emergencies).

Skills for Justice – United Kingdom
National Incident Command Qualifications designed and run by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. Successful candidates are awarded with an BTEC qualification.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service-United Kingdom
Used within the Effective Command Assessment model to assess command competence at initial and intermediate levels.

Validity of assessments depends on the traceability of the outcomes. Some XVR users achieve traceable outcomes through logging of qualitative observations of participant behavior using for example an Excel sheet or a dedicated logging program. To support logging, the Simulation Center can also be equipped with video and audio recording equipment. 3rd party software like the Noldus Observer XT allows the XVR scenario to be simultaneously recorded on a timeline with audio and/or video tracks.

The Deployment Module in the XVR On Scene Simulator has been created specifically for Assessment purposes based on many years of collaboration with the Exam department of the Netherlands Institute of Safety (formerly Nbbe). The Deployment Module ensures a fully traceable scenario outcome and thus guarantees full transparency.

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