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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

XVR for E-learning

Images and videos created with XVR are ideally suitable to create multimedia content for e-learning courseware. Images can be created using the “Save Scenario Image” button and videos can be grabbed using 3rd party screencapture software like Fraps or Camtasia.

XVR is being used in several Innovative Projects to create interactive and self-led scenarios which are included in e-learning courseware. The development of this online courseware content with XVR is not a standard functionality in the XVR Simulation Platform but can be done in a dedicated Innovation Project.

XVR On Scene can be used as underlying technology for interactive e-learning courses. Several providers of e-learning courses have included XVR On Scene in their courseware as interactive online virtual scenarios. After having progressed through normal e-learning course content (text, images, questions), participants can access an online XVR scenario in which they have to assess the scene and sometimes perform simple tasks.

Please click here to see an example of the use of XVR On Scene in e-learning.

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