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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security


XVR can be used to Teach & Learn, for example by using 3D virtual reality scenarios in case studies during a classroom lecture. Or by offering a group of participants self-guided exercises to learn the basics of a 360 survey or triage in a mass casualty incident. XVR is also an excellent tool to create visuals or interactive exercises for e-learning programs.

Classroom teaching: scene safety, scene organisation, role and position of others, procedures (RTA, hazmat, offensive or defensive fire fighting), 360 reconnaissance.

All response professionals
 Commanding team
 Strategic level decision makers (what’s going on on the incident ground)
 Use XVR interactive or use videos and images from XVR in Powerpoint

Classroom learning: call forward, small roleplay exercise, verbalize.


Possible applications of XVR for educational purposes:

Parallel classroom recon exploration and scenarios
 E-learning: use as visualisation tool for images and videos
 Interactive e-learning
 Games (for instance Forensic awareness)
 Hybrid teaching: combine with skills (manikin, pumper operation, quality spcimin testing)

XVR can also be used to Brief and Debrief by (re)creating any incident scenario and the associated response. The scenarios can be used to debrief teams shortly after returning from the incident ground. Similarly, XVR can be used to brief teams going into an exercise on a live training ground or into a special, high risk operation.

Lessons Learned scenarios can be created from the debriefing scenarios and used in Teaching, Learning, Training, Exercising and Assessment.
afbeeldingEducation with XVR On Scene
An instructor shows incident scenes from different perspectives and several moments in time to for example explain and discuss response tactics and procedures, scene organisation and specific situational risks.
afbeeldingEducation with XVR Resource Management
Key to XVR Resource Management is the realistic representation of the available human, vehicle and materials resources in the customer’s area.
afbeeldingEducation with XVR Crisis Media
Online news and social media feeds can be used in classroom teaching to confront students with the speed and intensity of digital media. Ideally using a combination of XVR Crisis Media and XVR On Scene, the instructor can create media messages which are very closely related to the students’ own perception.

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