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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

Remote teaching and training

XVR training or exercises requires the participant an instructor/facilitator computers to be linked to each-other in a network. Ideally this is a local area network (LAN) with a dedicated Router with cable connection. A Wifi LAN also works but may be the cause of some minor delays in the connection.

It is possible to connect XVR computers via an existing organisation’s network. In this case, the network administrator will have to allow XVR to run (by opening some “Communication Ports”) and must allow for enough data transfer and speed.

XVR will also run on a WAN (wide area network) via a VPN (virtual private network) connection. This will allow the use of XVR to support Remote teaching and training. If a WAN/VPN connection is used, XVR will have to be installed on all computers in the network.

Currently under development is the XVR Web connection via “The Cloud”. The use of XVR Web does not require XVR to be installed on every participating computer. Instead, XVR runs in a browser which will only require the Unity Plugin to be installed once. XVR Web “streams” the scenario content to every participants at the start of an exercise. Depending on the connection speeds, downloading (streaming) the 3D content may require some time.

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