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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

Train & Exercise

XVR provides an integrated simulation platform to Train & Exercise emergency response professionals. XVR can be used for anything from individual exercises to large scale multi-agency exercises involving operational, tactical and/or strategic decision makers.

XVR supports local, on-site training, mobile training and remote training via the Web offering full flexibility to create an efficient training and exercise program.

Training or exercising?
The words training and exercising are used interchangeably for XVR. The reason is that XVR is designed to support any training or exercise method you desire. XVR is not prescriptive, it offers full flexibility to the end-user.

Our motto says it all: The Instructor is in Control

XVR is designed as a fully flexible simulation platform to Empower the Instructor. No restrictions are set in the system on procedures, deployment tactics or scenario outcomes. Guided training, exercises in which the participant(s) can freely take any decision ... all is possible in XVR.

XVR supports instructors in numerous organisations to create both simple 15min 1-on-1 training sessions, as well as >2 hour exercises with on scene commanders of police, fire and ambulance fully involved. It’s up to the instructors to set-up a session based on the students, the teaching objectives and practical possibilities.

Also possible:
1 on 1 training – for On Scene commanders, job competency assessment etc
Team Training – single & multi agency
On Site – mobile and remote training
Hybrid – combine live and virtual reality training scenarios

afbeeldingTrain & Exercise with XVR On Scene
The participant sees the scenario through his/her own eyes. Depending on the participant’s role a participant may be able to drive or walk around in the scene. A “police helicopter” or “drone operator” participant will have the option to fly around whilst participants in an emergency control room may be limited to seeing the scene through the available CCTV cameras.
afbeeldingTrain & Exercise with XVR Resource Management
Here you can find the different ways you can train and exercise with XVR Resource Management.
afbeeldingTrain & Exercise with XVR Crisis Media
Crisis managers can view several media feeds and decide together how to respond, by giving press statements and/or directly via their simulated social media accounts.

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