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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security


On this page, our colleagues post regular blogs about their views on simulation technology, education and emergency services.
afbeeldingThe responsibilities of the XVR Instructor20-April-17

By Emiel Stevens - Being a candidate in XVR On Scene can be quite overwhelming and stressful as the user needs to process information and take decisions under pressure. The XVR Instructor is present during such a demanding simulation in XVR, making sure the candidate has an effective learning experience. In this blog I will be talking about what it means to be an instructor during an XVR On Scene training.
afbeeldingUsing simulation to train maritime incident response13-January-17

By Tim Lodder - When an incident occurs on board a vessel, either at sea or in port, the operational command structure of the vessel changes. Officers have primary and secondary responsibilities, depending on the muster list or the assigned emergency response positions.
afbeeldingHow XVR can improve incident command decision making02-June-16

By Dr Katherine Lamb - What can XVR be used for? How should you use it? For me, XVR provides a realistic, detailed and reactive visual stimulus, which you can use to deliver high quality incident command and crisis decision making training. In this blog post, I will explain my vision of what incident command training should be about, and how XVR can support this.
afbeeldingHow XVR can help Airport Operations to improve incident preparedness22-February-16

By John Damen – From plane crashes to terrorist threats, Airport Operations departments have to deal with a variety of complex, often interconnected safety and security risks. In this blog post, I will explain how virtual reality training can help Airport Operations to improve their incident preparedness.
afbeeldingUsing XVR to create photos and videos04-January-16

By Thomas Van’t Wout – Our customers use XVR not just for building simulation scenarios, but also for creating pictures and videos to support their training and education methods. In this blog post, I would like to show some inspiring examples at  French safety region SDIS 69 in Lyon.
afbeeldingThe Multi-Local approach of XVR28-September-15

By Ferry Pak – One of our key challenges is to ensure that users around the world can adapt the XVR platform to their local conditions and demands. In this blog post, I will explain how we tackle this challenge.
afbeeldingWhy virtual reality has a bright future in maritime & offshore23-April-15

By Tim Lodder – An increasing number of companies and organisations in the maritime & offshore sector embrace virtual reality as a training tool. And they do this for good reasons, as I will explain in this blog post.
afbeeldingHow to set up an effective exercise in XVR 03-March-15

By Edwin van de Snepscheut - It is a challenge that every instructor faces: how can you make sure that your XVR scenario will accomplish your educational goals? The solution lies in following the correct steps. In this post, I will discuss these steps further.
afbeeldingHow to create your own simulation centre
By Steven van Campen – More and more of our users are choosing to create a fixed simulation centre. It is a step that can greatly benefit your organisation, provided that you do it well. We are happy to help you with this. In this blog post, I will explain our method of operation.

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