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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

Publications / press

Take a look at videos and articles where XVR Simulation is mentioned.

If you are a journalist and looking for information about XVR Simulation and our products, high resolution visuals or if you have an interview request please contact:

Rindert Reitsma
Marketing & Communications / +31(0)15 212 52 76 

September 2015
ENG - Testimonial - Central Finland Fire and Rescue Department

July 2015 Secours Infos
Article about XVR user Valabre in France

April 2015 Fire Protection Engineering Magazine magazine
Why Simulation is Key for Maintaining Fire Incident Preparedness

April 2015 'New Champions' Special about innovative companies Dutch newspaper Financieele Dagblad

September 2014 Application of XVR by Babcock International in International Fire Buyer

January 2014 Article about the Dutch Gaming Industry in regional newspaper

2013.10 Video about Tunnel area at the French Congres with XVR

Romania Press video about SMURD project with XVR
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2013.09.12 Newsitem ATV10 Ambulance Victoria Project - Virtual simulation training for paramedics

24 April 2013 XVR Crisis Media in Dutch Newspaper Spits


BBC Click 09-03-2013 - XVR at IGLOO 360° Dome

March 2013 E-Semble about virtual reality solutions in Fire & Rescue

2013_First Quarter_ Fire_&_Rescue_ Wildfire_Simulation_Project

March 2013 E-Semble with the Wildfire project in Fire & Rescue

2013_First Quarter_ Fire_&_Rescue_Fire-Ground_debate

7 Januari 2013 XVR in NRC Handelsblad

December 2012 Falck Nutec OPITO approval with XVR


Korean Channel IT - CSI Lab game

September 2012 German articles about CSI The Hague Project


June/July 2012 Three German articles on XVR

XVR is mentioned two times in the German magazine Crisis Prevention, as well as in the cover story of the Austrian Brennpunkt magazine.

April 2012 Cruise Ship Safety Training in International Fire Buyer (UK)
Interesting article about the possibilities that XVR and Resource Management offer for cruise ship safety training.
2012_02_04_International_Fire Buyer_Cruise_ship_safety_training

November 2011 Online news concerning XVR reports a training with XVR in Canada (Midland, Ontario).

September 2011 News items on Broken Arrow

On the website of Hemmingfire, article is placed about XVR Simulation's first US fire service customer.

May 2011 Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service Magazine (UK)

Article in the Wiltshire FRS Magazine on their recent use of XVR.

April 2011 Fire & Rescue (UK)

Article on the training centre of the Shanghai Fire Brigade, that will use XVR in their trainings.

April 2011 Feuerwehrzeiting Rheinland-Pfälz (DE)

Article in German on the SAFER project, in which Resource Management and XVR are used.

February 2011 International Fire Buyer (UK)
Article on the use of XVR by the Shanghai Fire Brigade.

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