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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security


XVR Simulation’s support staff is keen on supporting and optimizing your trainings and exercises. From 8:00 to 22:00 GMT +1 all XVR users can call the XVR Simulation Helpdesk at +31(0)15-2125276 with questions about XVR.


All our customers can make free use of the following services:
Support via telephone, email and internet
Access to the XVR Community with additional information, manuals, tutorials and more
Information through regular servicemails
Annual user group meetings
Annual software upgrades and updates
Webinars ( via Teamviewer)

If the training computer is connected to the internet, we can also provide ‘remote assistance’. This means that XVR Simulation temporarily takes over the control of the computer to solve any problems.

In case an XVR user can’t continue the training, despite of phone support or remote assistance, XVR Simulation makes sure that training can continue by arranging a completely set up computer from XVR Simulation.

Teamviewer XVR Simulation
Teamviewer EN

Priorities Support requests
The XVR Simulation helpdesk will deal with incident reports. We will provide support if problems arise prior to the training, as to enable the training to run smoothly. At other times support requests will be prioritised according to the definitions below.
afbeeldingSoftware Support
Alongside our Helpdesk, the Service and Support team can help you with the following software support services:

XVR Simulation BV
Telephone: +31 15 2125276

XVR Simulation Service & Support
Telephone: +31 15 2148520

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