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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

Training & Consultancy

The success of educating, training and practicing with XVR strongly depends on the quality of the educational plan, qualified instructors and appropriate training areas.

This is why XVR Simulation doesn't only deliver the software package, but also takes care of educating the instructors and other people who are involved in using XVR within your organisation.

                                                                 Meet the Trainers

Train the trainer
XVR Simulation offers specific training for XVR instructors and training assistants when they start using XVR. During the training sessions they learn skills which are necessary for an optimal output from XVR. In the basic training, an instructor is acquainted with the educational and technological potential of XVR: setting up training objectives, developing incident scenarios and training in the use of XVR. You also learn how to set up and carry out a VR training on your own. The number and types of trainings provided depend on the demand and location which is best to perform the trainings.


Consultancy and support of exercise design custom to your training needs
We deliver didactic advice during the preparation of one or more exercises. For example, we aid in strengthening the didactic approach of a script and scenario, dividing tasks between exercise staff and the design of a classroom.

Other courses and workshops

Both for beginning as well as experienced users of XVR we regularly provide courses and workshops:
• Team training course XVR for experienced users
• Instruction days after the release of new versions of the XVR modules
• Community workshops for exchange of scenario’s, scripts and experiences
• Course exercise support XVR/Resource Management for beginners techniques and didactics
• Coaching for educational support

Subscribe to the Servicemail or check our calendar on the website for an overview of our upcoming training days. If you require instruction or coaching on site please contact the Service and Support desk.

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