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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

XVR On Scene

XVR On Scene is the XVR platform module to educate and train operational and tactical (bronze and silver level) safety and security professionals.

Essential features of XVR On Scene:

 The instructor can easily build an incident scenario and has full control at all times
 Give feedback instantly and challenge students with questions throughout the exercise
 Respond to a student’s decision by activating events in the virtual scenario

 Use a joystick to navigate around the XVR environment, be able to walk, drive and fly in a simulated reality
 Assess risks and dangers of an incident in a created scenario
 Decide on measures and which procedures to apply: report to other rescue crew members
 Make students focus on tasks and set priorities while distracted by real life inconveniences, such as noise, impaired sight and confusion
afbeeldingAdvantages of training with XVR On Scene
The instructor is in charge
An essential feature of XVR On Scene is that the instructor can easily build an incident scenario and has full control over the course of events in the scenario during the exercise.

afbeeldingTraining with XVR On Scene
Training with XVR On Scene is possible in many settings. Whether you decide to train in a classroom, one on one or in seperate teams, due to XVR's flexibility it is possible to be flexible with training methods, timing and placing.
Most used training methodswith XVR On Scene are described below.
Assessment module
Deploy resources with one click of the button, which triggers a sequence of events, always controlled by the instructor.
The new version of XVR looks great!”, “We chose XVR because of the excellent graphics and functionality”.... see why our customers chose the XVR platform.
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afbeeldingHardware Specs
Below we have listed the minimum specifications for the XVR On Scene hardware. You are of course free to buy and maintain your own hardware. However we strongly invite you to order your hardware through XVR Simulation. The advantage is that we know what hardware we deliver to you so we can answer service questions more efficiently. Secondly, we have thoroughly tested the hardware we deliver to you so you can be sure XVR On Scene runs flawlessly.

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