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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

XVR Resource Management

To provide training and exercises at the tactical and strategic level, XVR Simulation has developed the XVR Resource Management module. XVR Resource Management is a simulator application specially developed for practising the logistic aspects of contingency plans across the entire emergency services chain.

The essence of exercising with the XVR Resource Management simulator is to see how course participants, in a given scenario, together set-up the command structure and deal with the efficient deployment of scarce resources. Staff, equipment and vehicles can only be deployed at a single location, forcing participants to deal with the dilemma’s that arise thereof. Participants communicate using their regular communication equipment, use maps and documentation available in local crisis situations, and receive up-to-date information either from the exercise staff or directly from the simulator.
afbeeldingAdvantages of training with XVR Resource
Easy configuration of a region and incident or disaster scene
In the Resource Management simulator, instructors determine the type, scale and location of an incident. Realistic configurations of countries, regions, emergency services stations and hospitals can simply be inputted and adapted, it is simply a matter of maps and icons. Customer-specific settings relate for example to the number of rescue vehicles available, the amount of personnel on call and equipment available. On this basis, course participants are forced to take into account such logistic aspects as call-up times, transport times and deployment times.
afbeeldingTraining with XVR Resource Management
The XVR Resource Management simulator operates on one or more linked PC's, whereby each PC displays a single link in the emergency services chain. On his or her screen, a participant sees the information allocated to his or her specific role, for example the area surrounding the disaster zone, the disaster site itself, the number and type of casualties or the number of emergency services workers, vehicles and equipment available. A message centre provides the opportunity to send reports or multimedia files between exercise staff and participants, or between participants among each other.
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afbeeldingHardware Specs
Below we have listed the minimum specifications for XVR Resource hardware. You are of course free to buy and maintain your own hardware. However we strongly invite you to order your hardware through XVR Simulation. The advantage is that we know what hardware we deliver to you so we can answer service questions more efficiently. Secondly, we have thoroughly tested the hardware we deliver to you so you can be sure XVR Resource runs flawlessly.

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