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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

XVR Toolkit

The XVR Toolkit expands the XVR Platform for tailor made uses, often in combination with other software. This Toolkit comes with technical training and support.

The Software Development Kit allows us to link up other software to operate items within XVR On Scene and/or XVR Resource Management. It is by far the most technical component of the XVR Platform. Possible uses are the implementation of high-end artificial intelligence engines, link-up with other simulators or including XVR in e-learning. Take a look some examples of the use of our XVR Toolkit below.

VictimBase is an online victim library for medical professionals to create and share victim simulations for education, training and research. The clinical conditions of these victims change when time progresses or when specific treatments are given.
The IGLOO projection domes provide highly immersive training experiences, by projecting XVR On Scene 360 degrees around the student.
afbeeldingAmbulance Victoria Project

The AV Triage Officer game consists of three scenarios designed to train all paramedics in the Australian state of Victoria, as well as training the conduct of a triage officer during large incidents. The game is developed by XVR Simulation and CAE Professional Services – Australia, commissioned by Ambulance Victoria.

afbeeldingWildfire project
The International Wildfire Simulation & Training project was initiated by the French fire academy ECASC in Gardanne in collaboration with the New-South Wales Fire Service in Australia and XVR Simulation. A state-of-the-art wildfire simulator for education, training and assessment is being developed in the project. Other fire service organizations will attach themselves to the initiative.

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