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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

XVR users

XVR is an All Hazard Simulation Platform to teach, train, exercise, assess and (de)brief safety and security professionals in all organizations and agencies involved in crisis management and emergency response. We have over 200 customers in 32 countries worldwide.

Schools and Training Centres

Our Key Partners in the use of XVR are Schools and Training Centres who have a responsibility in primary and continued education as well as assessment of public and private safety and security professionals.

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Emergency services
Emergency Services use XVR for continued education, in-house training and exercise and to (de)brief live exercises and real incidents. XVR is also used as assessment tool for health checks, appraisal reviews and job interviews.

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Industry & Infrastructure
In the Industry & Infrastructure sector, XVR is used for education, training and exercises in safety (fire fighting and emergency response) and security.

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Maritime & Offshore
Companies in the maritime and offshore sectors use XVR to train staff in sector specific safety and emergency procedures. XVR also supports scenario based training methods and mandatore repeater training (STCW).

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Innovative Projects
XVR is used as “core 3D simulation technology” in a number of key Innovative Projects aimed at enhancing simulation technology and its application for safety and security education and training.

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