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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

Industry & Infrastructure

The Industry & Infrastructure sector is characterised by specific and often complex safety and security risks. Safety and emergency procedures often involve multiple actors, from control room operators to external emergency services. Large-scale exercises are often difficult to organise, because of continuity issues and environmental complications. XVR is a highly suitable training and education tool to tackle these challenges.

XVR is used for a wide variety of training and education purposes within Industry & Infrastructure. The seamless integration of the different XVR platform modules offers numerous possibilities, from introduction trainings for visitors to educating internal security teams and operators.

XVR applications in Industry & Infrastructure:

  • Introduction trainings
  • Exercising large-scale incidents
  • Training control room operators
  • Training joint support procedures in cooperation with local public emergency services, special operations and military response teams
  • Exercising emergency procedures at security breaches, such as unauthorised access and external threats (terrorism, demonstrations, riots, etc.)
  • Designing and testing new lay outs of safety and security systems, such as the positioning CCTV cameras
  • Training senior decision makers (emergency response teams, senior management teams) in managing public media responses

Benefits of XVR for Industry & Infrastructure:

  • Creating and using scenarios safely, without the need for data exchange between different locations
  • Training in a safe, confidential environment without unwanted spectators or media attention
  • Ability to link XVR and simulation systems for emergency warnings

afbeeldingXVR users in Industry & Infrastructure
Various companies in the industry and infrastructure lines of business use XVR.
For example Gatwick Airport, the Mont Blanc Tunnel and Exxon Mobile in Rotterdam. Read more about it in the below blog post.

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