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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

Schools and Training Centres

XVR is used in Schools and Training Centres to support initial and continued education and training.

XVR’s all hazards scenario capabilities allow Schools and Training Centres to create scenarios for all relevant topics in the curriculum.

XVR is used in both mobile set-ups as well as in dedicated Simulation Centres.

E-learning and remote exercises are increasingly used in refresher courses and continued education. XVR supports these teaching methods by offering the use of XVR remotely.

Several organisations have confirmed XVR to be an accredited assessment tool. There are multiple ways in which XVR scenarios can be used for individual or team assessment.

XVR is also used to enhance printed and digital learning materials,for example for e-learning. Instructors create XVR scenarios and then use static screen-images or video grabs from XVR and insert them in the learning materials.

Schools and Training Centres who have live training and exercise facilities can have their own exercise grounds recreated in 3D in XVR. This tailor-made 3D environment model can then be used for briefing and de-briefing participants prior to or after a live exercise.

XVR Simulation and its Partners offer support and coaching to Schools and Training Centers to allow them to use XVR as widely as possible and as result achieve an optimal return on investment

afbeeldingExamples of training centres using XVR
Around 20% of our customers are large public or private training centres around the world. We have highlighted a few of them, at the end of this blogpost you can see all training centres that use XVR in a map.
afbeeldingReturn on Investment
Schools and Training Centers have one or more of the following reasons to implement XVR in their curriculum:
afbeeldingSupport and coaching for public & private schools and training centres
Schools and Training Centres who use XVR weekly or daily usually create a dedicated Incident Command Simulation Centre. Such SimCentres are designed to efficiently support single and multiple participant training and exercise sessions.

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