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Virtual Reality training software for safety and security

Innovative Projects


CascEff is a recently started EU FP7 project, managed by SP Technical Research Insitute in Sweden. The project focuses on the development of an Incident Evaluation Tool (IET) that provides insight in cascading effects during crises.


DRIVER is a large demonstration project within the EU FP7 programme, that started in May 2014. The main objective of DRIVER is to develop, test and share EU-wide crisis management tools and capabilities.

afbeeldingAmbulance Victoria Triage Officer Game

The AV Triage Officer game consists of three scenarios designed to train all paramedics in the Australian state of Victoria, as well as training the conduct of a triage officer during large incidents. The game is developed by XVR Simulation and CAE Professional Services – Australia, commissioned by Ambulance Victoria.

afbeeldingInternational Wildfire Simulation & Training
The International Wildfire Simulation & Training project was initiated by the French fire academy ECASC in Gardanne in collaboration with the New-South Wales Fire Service in Australia and XVR Simulation. A state-of-the-art wildfire simulator for education, training and assessment is being developed in the project. Other fire service organization will attach themselves to the initiative.
The VictimBase project is a project of the EMDM Academy (European Master in Disaster Medicine). Dynamic and interactive victims are the key to education, training and research in medical simulation software. The VictimBase is an online library where victim profiles can easily be saved and exported by medical experts (authors).
afbeeldingVictim profiles
In the Slachtofferprofielen project (victim profiles); several companies cooperate in the development of high quality virtual 3D victim models.
afbeeldingCSI Serious Games
For the CSI Serious Games project, XVR Simulation and the Netherlands Forensic Institute jointly develop serious games for the purpose of forensic awareness training. The Forensic Awareness Games are an innovative combination of virtual reality technology and classic game methods used for example in board games such as Cluedo.
afbeeldingCSI The Hague
In the CSI The Hague project new techniques are developed to secure evidence at a crime scene. The opening of the CSI Lab was an important first step in the project, which was created as an innovative environment for training and assessment.
afbeeldingCharlie Papa
In the Charlie Papa project, the potential role of serious gaming in the close protection sector is examined, by using it for mono- and multidisciplinary exercises. XVR Simulation supplies the XVR simulation software and develops new 3D models. This project shows that XVR is applicable in various sectors.
The PD3D tool is an application with which point clouds can be shown within XVR. In this way, virtual scenarios are displayed in a point cloud. These scenarios can be used for both education and assessment as well as for forensic visualizations and for planning and briefing during a deployment. The development project is a collaboration between XVR Simulation, the TNO and the Netherlands Forensic Institute and is financed by the SBIR arrangement of the NL Agency.
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