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XVR Community expanding even further

The global XVR Community continues to grow despite the pandemic. Enthusiastic users from all over the world have joined the community and will all be working with the XVR Simulation Platform.

This time, we are welcoming new users from several different sectors.

Medical sector

From China, we welcome Qingyuan Polytechnic, Medical College and the Southern Medical University. Both schools are internationally recognised, and will be using XVR On Scene to provide their students with crisis training and training in Disaster Medicine, respectively. Southern Medical University will furthermore be one of the 8 prestigious universities in China to run an 8-year pilot medical programme, and they will be using both live and virtual reality training scenarios.

The South Western Ambulance Services are joining us from the UK. They will be using XVR’s platforms to practice triaging victims. 


Enexis Netwerkbeheer has joined our XVR Community. Enexis Netwerkbeheer is a Dutch gas and electricity provider, and they will be training their staff with XVR software to recognise risks and potential dangerous situations. Also, they will be using XVR On Scene to prepare local fire departments for crisis situations at their site. 

Fire sector

Fire Protection High School Frydek Mistek from the Czech Republic and Falck Fire Services from the Netherlands are joining the XVR community from the fire sector. 

Falck Fire Services is using our software completely through the cloud. The instructor will be training six of their corporate fire brigades all over the Netherlands, from one central location. For each of the six fire brigades, Falck Fire Services will build a localised environment, for example the Heineken brewery. Falck Fire Services aims to eventually expand cloud training with XVR to other countries in Europe as well. 

Educational sector

We have two new educational partners. Joining us from Austria is the Austrian Medical Emergency Base in Burgenland, who will be trialling our software for compatibility with their educational goals. And finally, the University of Skövde will be using XVR’s software as part of a research project.

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