XVR Community expanding even further

Despite the current pandemic, the global XVR Community continues to grow. Enthusiastic users all over the world have joined the community and will all be working with the XVR Simulation Platform.


We are thrilled to announce three new users in the police market. The Académie Nationale de Gendarmerie (the national academy of military police) located in Paris, France, will start using XVR On Scene. As preparation, they visited the Hochschule der Polizei in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, to see how they are using our software to train security officials.

Also in Germany, we have officially welcomed the Niedersachsen Police Academy to our community. In November 2020, we will be training their staff so they can hit the ground running and start training and educating their police officers.

Last but not least, the Polícia de Segurança Pública - Escola Prática de Polícia in Portugal has also joined the XVR Community. That the Portuguese national police academy will now be using XVR On Scene as well is another example of how the police sector is showing a growing interest in the added value of virtual reality training.

And more

Next to three new users in the police sector, we are very happy to announce that Total Congo will be using XVR Simulation software. In the United States, the Delaware Fire and Rescue has started using XVR. Lastly, University of Tübingen in Germany and The Safety Network in The Netherlands have also joined our worldwide XVR Community. 

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