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CUE extends Strategic Partnership with XVR in Asia

Frank Mills, Managing Director of Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (CUE Ltd) and Joost Beerthuis, CEO of XVR Simulation BV (part of the LearnPro Group Ltd), have signed a new 5-year contract to continue the collaboration and commitment towards the exclusive distribution rights for XVR sales and partnership activities in Asia. The signing ceremony took place at The Simulation Centre, Coventry University Technology Park, on 14 June 2022.

The collaboration agreement strengthens the partnership that CUE has with XVR Simulation BV, the world’s leading developer of simulation technology for education, training and assessment of safety and security professionals which complements and further strengthens the University Group’s presence in Asia.

Coventry Enterprises (Singapore) Pte Ltd (CES), a fully owned subsidiary of CUE, serves as the local delivery partner in Asia to deliver this collaboration. With a presence in Asia since 2007, CES, on behalf of CUE, operates the XVR Regional Support Centre Asia.  Its main activities are to promote, sell, deliver, and provide training and maintenance on XVR Simulation system.

CUE has been delivering quality incident command training solutions for various customers around Asia, such as the Singapore Civil Defence Force, Singapore Home Team Academy, Korea Seoul Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Thailand Chulabhorn Royal Academy and many more. The newly signed agreement will further expand and enhance CUE’s business opportunities in Asia.

CUE also operates a simulation centre within the Coventry University Technology Park, powered by XVR Simulation and acknowledged as an XVR Centre of Excellence. The Simulation Centre is used to educate and train the University’s academic students, emergency services and commercial customers in the United Kingdom.

XVR Simulation BV has recently become part of the LearnPro Group Ltd. The LearnPro Group provides not only XVR Simulation software, but also a Learning Management System called LearnPro, and a competence management system called pdrPro. Both tools are leading software products in their respective markets and are now available to CES to distribute to emergency services in the whole of Asia.

Frank Mills, Managing Director of CUE, enthused after the signing ceremony:

XVR Simulation is an advanced software for virtual reality simulation for safety and security training which allows professionals to immerse and train in different disaster and emergency situations, repeatedly and in a safe environment.

The continuation of partnership with XVR provides an exciting foray in our future as we aim to build meaningful relationships with key industry experts, academics and government stakeholders in the disaster and emergency fields, further establishing both XVR and CUE’s presence in Asia to become the industry leader.”

Joost Beerthuis, CEO of XVR Simulation BV, commented:

“Our partnership with CUE complements our strategy to expand the market globally, and in this case, Asia. With CUE as both our partner and customer (The Simulation Centre), it offers an academic credibility and confidence in our software as an effective simulation training tool.

Now with the power of the LearnPro Group behind us, we can provide the Asian market with even more innovative solutions and become a one-stop shop for digital learning in the emergency services, providing them the same amount of service and support as they have grown accustomed to.”

CUE Ltd is a subsidiary of the Coventry University Group and is the organisation where Coventry University runs much of its commercial, income-generating and business-partnership work. Operating in a regional, national, European and international context, CUE supports the corporate aims and seeks to maximise the commercial potential of the University’s skills, expertise and resources.

XVR Simulation is the world’s leading developer of simulation technology with over 300 training organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide using XVR to train 150,000 incident responders every year. XVR Simulation believes in enhancing the competence and expertise of all emergency responders through simulation. We do this by creating versatile programs in which learning is key and the instructor is in control. Every program offers an immersive learning environment for all levels of incident command, to be used in both single- and multi-agency exercises. XVR Simulation is now part of the LearnPro Group, which also offers products such as learnPro and pdrPro, giving emergency services a one-stop software solution provider for training, education and learning management.