我们致力于开发灵活,可靠,好用的模拟软件来增强学习体验并且赋予教员对培训的掌控。从我们的核心产品XVR On Scene 出发,我们提供多种不同的模块来实现 XVR 多功能平台。
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XVR platform

XVR On Scene

XVR On Scene 模块非常适合训练操作和战术级别(青铜和白银)的应急响应人员。 XVR On Scene 为学员提供了事件场景的交互式沉浸式 3D 视图。该场景完全适合您当地的情况。

XVR On Scene 是一个强大的工具,帮助学员通过经验了解程序,让他们在相对较短的时间内获得实践知识,练习决策技巧,让他们在安全环境中一遍又一遍地体验真实生活中发生的情况。

XVR Expo

With XVR On Scene Expo, participants can walk through all sorts of (incident) scenarios without the need for an instructor to be present. Expo is an app that runs on most devices, meaning you don’t need a high-end PC. This provides participants the flexibility to complete learning experiences on their own time and device. Participants can increase their learning retention by completing extra exercises, re-doing previous ones or use it to prepare for instructor-led exercises. It is also an effective way to illustrate theory with lifelike situations. 

The instructor uses XVR On Scene to build the scenarios, in which he includes viewpoints to lead the participant through the exercise with information, additional images and questions. This gives the instructor the possibility to create virtually any learning scenario.