Final DRIVER+ demonstration in Brussels

The DRIVER+ final conference held late February in Brussels is one of the last activities of this EU-funded project. The aim of DRIVER+ was to develop a framework for assessing new solutions to increasingly complex crises in Europe. XVR Simulation was an integral part of the DRIVER+ project from start to finish, providing the training, software and technical expertise needed to successfully carry out these assessments during the so-called trials.

XVR On Scene was used to visualise the large-scale incidents, such as wildfires, earthquakes and floods, which brought together national and international emergency services and allowed for joint-agency cooperation at all command levels. Crisis management teams used XVR Crisis Media to simulate news items and social media messages, as well as the crisis communication flow between local, national and international emergency services. Additionally, XVR Resource Management was used to simulate logistical issues, resource scarceness and emergency service response times.

(Copyright: DRIVER+ project)

The XVR team cooperated with the DRIVER+ partners to design and develop the technical infrastructure. The XVR technical experts led the implementation of this infrastructure in the five trials that were organised in the project.

These trials allowed agencies to test innovative crisis management solutions in a simulated environment, before spending precious time and money on solutions that might not be the right fit for their problem. Furthermore, the infrastructure facilitated data exchange between the solutions, the simultaneous use of multiple simulators and extensive data collection to support further study and evaluation.

XVR has gained valuable experience during this project, which will benefit XVR users as well as contribute to the future development of XVR