Launch of XVR On Scene 2022

The latest release of our core software, XVR On Scene, is now available. This 2022 release has some cool new features.

The latest release of our core software, XVR On Scene, is now available. This 2022 release has some cool new features. 

A new feature developed for use with the HMD, but also very usable without the HMD, is the custom interaction. This feature allows you to increase the interactivity in your scenarios by adding a responsive area for student interaction. You could, for instance, place a button next to a door and when the student presses this button you will hear a buzzing sound and the door opens.

Another new feature is the introduction of the free camera mode. The free camera mode does two things at once; it hides all menus and interface elements and gives the user (builder or operator) full control of the camera. When you are making videos or screenshots you are no longer bound by the limitations caused by the focus point, but you can find the perfect camera angle that you want, for the best presentation and maximum impact. It is like flying a drone with a camera attached to it. 

Some other major improvements are made to the free path and task logic functionality. The free path now has a clear start and finish point, you can easily change the direction of the path and you can extend the path with new nodes at the same level as the last node. The task logic menu is now fully collapsible and the task personnel selection menu is always visible.
Next to the mentioned major improvements, there are numerous smaller improvements and plenty of new objects to use in creating your scenarios. Check out the XVR community website to read more in detail about all the changes and improvements.
During the User Group Meetings, we are using a scenario that highlights most of the new content of the 2022 release. This scenario, but also an edited recording of the UGM will be published on the Community website soon too. 
All users of XVR On Scene should by now have received an email with a link to the latest software installer. A USB stick will also be sent by regular mail to all users and should arrive shortly. If you have not yet received an email with install information, please get in touch with Service & Support.