Shanghai East Hospital joins XVR Community

Doctors, nurses and other professionals in charge of disaster management in Shanghai will from now on also be trained with XVR On Scene. Shanghai East Hospital recently opened a dedicated virtual reality training centre, complete with four separated training pods and a large curved screen to display XVR On Scene.

Shanghai East Hospital will be training their personnel on triage, scene and personal safety, medical incident command and also communication and coordination with XVR. This will mainly be done in team training, which will get the most out of the state of the art training centre. Hybrid training with patient simulators is also in the works.

The hospital wanted to use VR because it allowed them to standardise case training for large groups of learners, while at the same time reducing labour and time cost to train. With XVR On Scene, Shanghai East Hospital is able to create an unlimited amount of scenarios for several training goals. The freedom to build any scenario the hospital wants was one of the main reasons to choose XVR On Scene. With this flexibility they can provide a virtually limitless range of training scenarios for different learners and learning objectives. Shanghai East Hospital recognises XVR Simulation as a mature and well developed training solution, with a lot of users all over the world that prove it