XVR Close-Up: Falck and XVR training in the cloud

Falck Fire Services Nederland (Falck) will be using the cloud to train their Fire Services using the XVR Simulation platform in several locations around the Netherlands. Falck Nederland were looking to expand their training and assessment toolkit with simulation-based scenarios, and with XVR in the Cloud, they have found a solution that is scalable, efficient, and easy for each Fire Services team to work with independently and without acquiring heavy-duty hardware. Commercial Manager of Falck Fire Services Nederland, Berthil van den Poll, says everyone is enthusiastic about the possibilities of using XVR to train virtually and in the cloud.

Falck Nederland is currently working on an ambitious pilot project to get each Falck location ready to take up virtual training with XVR On Scene. By conducting their trainings through the cloud, they run XVR