XVR Expo now available in App Store and Google Play Store

Experience immersive and engaging virtual scenarios on your mobile device with XVR Expo and share them easily with your students and staff! Create a wide variety of localised incident scenarios, providing an unparalleled self-led learning experience. Students can complete the scenarios at their own pace and as often as they like without the need for an instructor to be present. With the recent launch of the XVR Expo App on the App Store and Google Play Store, instructors can increase their reach considerably as students can now complete their exercises on a wider range of devices.

XVR Expo is the perfect solution for users who do not have access to a high-end computer to run virtual reality simulations. The App provides a visual and appealing alternative for students to learn protocols, experience different simulated incidents, and increase situational awareness. It also gives schools a powerful tool to increase the reach of their educational efforts while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of their learning material.

Instructors and educators create their training scenarios in XVR On Scene. The scenarios are then exported as scenes to be viewed, completed, and repeated in the XVR Expo App by the student. Instructors can include so-called viewpoints to guide the student through the exercise. Information pop-ups, supplemental images, and multiple-choice questions further open the possibilities for reaching the learning goals. With XVR Expo, students can increase their learning retention by completing extra exercises, re-doing previous ones, or using the scenarios to prepare for instructor-led exercises, even if they lack the set-up or guidance to complete a traditional XVR On Scene scenario.

If you have any questions regarding this release or the functionalities of XVR Expo, please get in touch with us.