XVR Expo to launch in the summer of 2021

We are excited to announce that XVR On Scene Expo (also known simply as XVR Expo) will be launched this summer alongside XVR On Scene 2021. Developments for XVR Expo have been underway for quite some time, and over the course of 2020 we were able to share some teasers of what the final product would look like. Now we cannot wait to share the finished product with all our users

XVR Expo started out as a pilot project called XVR 360, where the aim was to investigate, with the help from our users, how we could increase and expand the methods of delivering training scenarios and making them more accessible to larger groups of people. The result of this pilot project was XVR Expo, a training tool that can be used to prepare staff or students for upcoming exercises or trainings, as part of an organisation