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Fire Service College latest addition to XVR Community

The Fire Service College, based in Moreton in Marsh, is to start using the XVR Simulation platform to deliver their suite of Incident Command Courses.

XVR Simulation is delighted to partner with the College’s Incident Command Team. XVR Simulation will support the Fire Service College in creating a wide range of realistic scenarios with XVR On Scene. XVR will also create visual imagery that will assist in the development of Incident Commanders, and support them in making operational and tactical decisions to bring incidents to a successful resolution.

Based on well scripted operational scenarios, the Incident Command delivery team have the ability to utilise XVR On Scene to alter the visual image presented to the Incident Commander in relation to decisions taken. This method of Incident Command training allows true interaction, flexibility and creates immersion for the delegate.

“We are pleased to become a member of the XVR User Community in the UK.” says Ted O’Brien, Head of Incident Command at the College. “XVR Simulation is now being utilised by more than 30 Fire & Rescue Services in the UK, and the College plans to become an active participant in the UK User Group, thus helping the advancement of simulation and the sharing of simulation knowledge and expertise.”

XVR has collaborated closely with UK company IGLOO, who have supplied the College with the 360 degree dome projection technology. In exercises in which on scene visualisation is of key importance, the delegates can enter the dome for a challenging, real-life experience.

The College has developed a credible, bespoke development programme, which has been accredited by Skills for Justice Awards. XVR Simulation will form a key component of the programme. The College will begin delivery of the Skills for Justice Awards, Level 5 Award in Designing and Delivering Incident Command Training in December 2017.