XVR Simulation has been training emergency services around the world for over 17 years. 

Our instructors have a great deal of experience in conducting product training and they have been part of our customer’s training development process in order to create the best possible learning environment using XVR. The XVR Academy is the knowledge base for our users and partners.

The Academy provides tailor made training and sets the environment for community interaction through workshops, the yearly User Group Meetings and the XVR website.

  • User Group Meeting

    Preliminary data for the User Group Meetings 2020:

    Benelux - 3 - 4 June 2020
    Germany - 9 June 2020
    UK - 1 - 2 July 2020


XVR Product Training

Together with our certified partners we offer several courses to acquaint users with our products. We offer hands-on courses, plus courses specifically developed for instructors, operators and scenario developers.

Curriculum development 

Next to our product training we offer courses covering the development of an entire curriculum. Participants learn how to design a scenarios, how to train, and how to evaluate. Developed together with Coventry University and used as modules within their MSc courses or as a separate continuous professional development course.

  • Setting up an XVR Simulation Exercise
  • Training and Exercise Design and Delivery 
  • Training and exercising for Emergency Management 

Content implementation course

The XVR Platform offers the option to implement custom content. This course gives certified modellers an explanation on how to do this best. After following this course the student will be able to load their own environments into the XVR Platform. 

Certified Partner Course

A course we designed specifically for our sales and service partners. Providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to make sure our community all around the world get the best possible service which our users have come to enjoy over the years. All courses are offered by XVR Simulation HQ. 

Available courses

  • XVR Product training
  • Curriculum Development Training
  • XVR Implementation Partner
  • XVR Service & Support Partner

Please get in touch with our XVR HQ for more information on the several courses we offer in the XVR Academy.