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Second DRIVER+ Trial in the South of France

At the end of October, the DRIVER+ team were the guests of the XVR Centre of Excellence of Entente Valabre, to carry out the second Trial for the European DRIVER+ project. The event brought together 70 participants from all over Europe.

Four innovations were selected for the Trial. The aim was to determine whether the selected innovations could improve the cooperation and coordination between the various participating organisations during a major international crisis.

The testing of the innovations took place with a scenario that was simulated on the whole XVR Platform. The scenario, a large forest fire in the south of France threatening nearby villages and a chemical plant was visualised by XVR On Scene. The times for the emergency services to arrive on the scene were simulated with XVR Resource Management, and Twitter messages were simulated via XVR Crisis Media.

All selected innovations revolved around sharing information between emergency services from various countries during a crisis situation. Emergency services where provided with real-time visualisations and structured information, as well as information from social media. You will find a more comprehensive look at the innovations tested and more information about the DRIVER+ project in the DRIVER+ press release.

The next DRIVER+ trial will take place in the Netherlands in May 2019. That trial will simulate a major flood endangering 500,000 in the region surrounding The Hague.