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The XVR community continues to grow

Virtual reality training has given emergency services around the globe the tools to keep on training, even with the challenges a pandemic brings. Practicing social distancing and working from home are easily accomplished with a gamepad or joystick in hand while sitting behind a desk. Thus far, XVR Simulation has continued to grow as budgeted, and in some sectors even increased the growth! Several new users have joined the community recently.

Over the summer, we welcomed two new users from South Korea and China!

Korea Fire Meister High School

Korea Fire Meister High School in South Korea emphasises core values in people, safety, and technology. Through a field-oriented technical, creative, and practical character education, coupled with positive consideration and service attitude, Korea Fire Meister High School aims to become South Korea’s leading firefighting expert and nurture future firefighters.

Korea Fire Meister High School has chosen XVR Simulation to incorporate it into their fire safety and management classes as supplemental educational material. XVR On Scene will be used as a 3D VR scenario editing tool to visualise and allow students to easily understand the key factors of fire and its influence response.

This is the first experimental study to assess XVR Simulation as an educational tool for educational purposes in South Korea.

The Second Xiangya Hospital

The Second Xiangya Hospital in China is affiliated with the Central South University, which has the most complete disciplines in China and is the largest Class A hospital in the Hunan province.

The Second Xiangya Hospital procured XVR Simulation with the aim to simulate different disaster scenarios. They want to train their medical doctors in handling various pre-hospital emergency situations. There will be a new training area, which will incorporate the XVR Simulation platform in training courses to enhance their situational awareness and incident command skills.

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