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Working remotely with XVR

Just like us here at XVR Simulation, many of our users are forced to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We offer several options to build scenarios from your home, or even train your staff remotely. Many of our users quickly started exploring the possibilities that working remotely offers.

Our UK user group has made tremendous progress in the last couple of weeks, with more users joining the efforts every day. Our Twitter feed is full of examples of users in the UK making working remotely work. This is just one of the examples, showing how the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service has adopted TeamViewer to conduct training and assessment. Check out the XVR Simulation Twitter page for many more examples of all the innovative ways our users are finding to keep using our software in these challenging times. 

Some of our users have taken to other XVR Simulation software to prevent a standstill due to Covid-19. 360 Pilot partners like the Fire Service College of Oberösterreich in Austria are taking advantage of the possibilities to display On Scene scenarios on any device in order to keep firefighters from all over Austria informed and active with XVR On Scene scenarios.

Safety region Drenthe from the Netherlands has started broadcasting remote lessons live via YouTube. Every firefighter in the province of Drenthe gets invited to join and ask questions during the video broadcast. Two XVR instructors take on the presentation, explaining the basic principles of firefighting, and acquainting the firefighters with the new way of determining their actions, supported by visualisations of XVR On Scene.

To support our users even more, we have offered them a build licence free of charge for two months. This means users are able to install XVR On Scene on their personal computer to continue building scenarios in their own home.