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XVR 360 presented in Germany

Long-time XVR user and innovation partner Landesfeuerwehr- und Katastrophenschutzschule Rheinland-Pfalz (LFKS) has presented our the XVR 360 to the Ministry of Interior of Rhineland-Palatinate. LFKS is one of our users to have cooperated closely with us in the development of this new product.

XVR 360

The XVR 360 is the latest addition to the XVR Simulation Training Concept. It is a web based application which displays a virtual scene created in XVR On Scene. Everyone can experience XVR On Scene scenarios on their mobile devices with this online tool. Students simply access the 360 scenes using any browser. XVR 360 allows students to walk around and interact with objects without the need for an operator or instructor. 

The possibilities

The instructor prepares scenarios that are suitable for self-led. Scenarios are created in XVR On Scene, which gives the instructor the freedom to add any dilemmas and learning points to the scenario. The scenario can then be easily converted to a 360 scene. Scenes are accessible through a hyperlink, which be also be integrated to Learning Management Systems.  

Cooperation agreement

During the presentation of the XVR 360, the LFKS and our new user the Hochschule der Polizei Rheinland Pfalz (HPRP) also signed a cooperation agreement on the use of this new SAFER technology. SAFER is a project which aims to advance the use of simulation technology in large scale exercises for the Rhineland-Palatinate region. 
The Minister of Interior of Rhineland Palatinate, Roger Lewentz, said at the signing of the agreement: “Thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Interior, the LFKS and XVR Simulation were able to develop a new SAFER Mobile technology which makes training incident scenarios in virtual reality available on mobile devices, and thus making the training of emergency responders considerably easier to facilitate.”

With the formal cooperation agreement between the two most important training centres for emergency response personnel, Rhineland-Palatinate is taking a leading position in Germany as well as Europe, and against the background of increasingly complex threat scenarios, is strengthening the cooperation between authorities and organisations. 

The HPRP is the first police academy in Germany to establish virtual reality as a standard teaching method in basic- and advanced training. Thanks to the XVR 360 it is also possible to train, educate and continue the education for volunteers of the fire brigades and disaster control completely independent of time and location. Our innovation partner LFKS has also develop a new “My LFKS” App, which also facilitates the exchange of information with course participants and will simplify the registration procedure. 

LFKS and HPRP are also planning on using the XVR 360 for public information on safety. It would also be possible to use the new program to start educating adults and even children in traffic and fire safety, or how to behave in an emergency and crisis situation.