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XVR and innovation: A great combination

We at XVR Simulation love innovations. We always check out the latest developments in virtual reality, simulation and technology. In our search for the latest, we always keep the customers’ needs in mind. Will it improve trainings? Does it provide added value? How is the balance between realism and usability?

Virtual reality head mounts
It is our expectation that we will be fully incorporating the use of virtual reality head mounts in XVR On Scene 2017. This means you will be able to use an Oculus Rift headset, or HTC Vive headset to train within an On Scene scenario. Users will be completely immersed in the virtual environments of XVR, while the instructors uses a screen to observe what the students sees. With the HTC Vive, students are even able to walk freely within a 3 by 3 space, while being fully able to interact with the room with two controllers. This provides for a much more immersive experience, as movements of the students body are registered as well. 

Click on this link to see a video about XVR connected to the HTC vive

We are also supporting our partner IISRI, which is part of Deakin University (Victoria, Australia) to create a more immersive training method with added realism elements. In this hybrid firefighting training, users are not only wearing an head mounted display, but wear added features for more immersion. For example heat generating jackets to simulate the warmth of an actual fire and real hoses and nozzles that are connected to a powered hose reel, to simulate the forces of the water flowing through the hose.

Mixed reality
Naturally, we also look further ahead. One particularly interesting development is the introduction of Mixed reality (or hybrid reality). This is a mix of virtual and augmented reality, which basically means it will be possible to implement virtual objects into our real world. The possibilities for XVR with mixed reality are endless. Just think of mapping out a digital, interactive region map on your conference table to handle the logistics of incident management with XVR Resource Management. Or holding a virtual extinguisher to put out fires in your own kitchen in XVR On Scene. Mixed reality is still very much in development, but certainly has a lot of promise for us. 

Our Research and Development team keeps close tabs on new developments and innovations. If you know of any innovative developments and you want more information on how to incorporate this in XVR? Please mail to