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XVR completes national simulation centre India

XVR Simulation has completed the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of the new national incident command simulation centre of the Airports Authority of India (AAI). With the completion of the SAT the delivery of all hard- and software in the training centre and the tests that come with it, have been accomplished.

The simulation centre has been designed by XVR in collaboration with their Indian partner Labotek. The new simulation centre will be based in New Delhi, located in the same building as the Indian Aviation Academy, next to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. AAI is the first XVR Simulation user in India, and more importantly, the first user that will be profiting from a unique new flexible driving simulator, that will be fully integrated in XVR On Scene.

This unique set-up contains a physical replica of an actual crashtender dashboard. Moreover, this dashboard can be easily refitted to simulate the dashboard layout of other crashtender manufacturers. The simulator will be mounted on a motion platform, giving the trainee an even more realistic driving experience by simulating driving motions. The driving simulator has been developed in cooperation with GreenDino from The Netherlands.

XVR Simulation has developed three airfield models for AAI, namely The Chennai International Airport, the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) in Kolkata and a large generic airport environment which will also be added to the XVR On Scene environment library. The object library will also be stocked with two completely interactive planes (the B 777 and B 737) which can be entered to simulate an evacuation or a fire in the cockpit.