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Hereford & Worcester Fire Rescue Services

"You can't get anything better than XVR. In the current market, it's the system to go for. The feedback we get from our students is very positive, they feel like they have been at the incident."

Chris Wainwright - Watchmanager Hereford & Worcester Fire Rescue Service

I work with XVR every day basically. I have trained other staff up to use it as well, and the more you use it, the better you are going to get at it, and the more you get out of it. It is very flexible, you have loads of environments to train with, lots of options, and you can completely localise the assessments and training around your local risks, which is fantastic. 

Also, as a user, the support we get from the XVR Simulation team is fantastic, unparalleled even. Simply pick up the phone, and someone will deal with the situation. Also the local support in the UK is great and will assist you in building scenarios to get you up and running. Not only that, all Fire Rescue Services in the UK support each other. That way, we save time building scenarios, as you're able to utilise scenario's that are already build by another Fire Rescue Service. It also lets you learn from each other. 

XVR really is the system to go for, you can't get anything better.