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National Fire Service Academy South Korea

"It was a good opportunity to grow my command abilities as a commander, including the deployment of resources, judgment of situations, and decision-making in unexpected situations. I hope many commanders can feel and learn as much as I do through these experiences."

Lee Mi Gyeong, student at the NFSA

At the Leadership Center of the National Fire Service Academy (NFSA) in South Korea, they provide incident command training courses using the XVR Simulation Platform. They have produced this testimonial video where faculty members offer an insight into their modern training facility, the techniques they use, and their plans for the future.

The NFSA is the largest of 3 training facilities in South Korea that use XVR Simulation to facilitate incident command training. With a whopping 834 m2, they provide incident command training using virtual reality for different levels of command and skill levels.

Watch the video from NFSA below. The video is English-spoken with English subtitles.