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Safety Region Drenthe

"I think this tool will really engage our people and heighten immersion. There’s no noise, no loud sounds, and as an instructor, you can focus on your story. But you can also retell your story over and over again because you begin with a new starting point which will be the same for everyone."

Jeroen Antoons - advisor/specialist professional competence - Veiligheidsregio Drenthe

We visited Safety Region Drenthe (Veilighedsregio Drenthe) to see how they use XVR On Scene to train multiple staff members in the same virtual space while walking around freely with VR headsets. Listen to Jeroen Antoons (advisor/specialist professional competence) and Marcel van Alphen (associate professional competence) describe which advantages they experience working with XVR Simulation’s platforms.

You can view their testimonial and watch scenes from a training exercise using head-mounted displays in the video below.

The video is Dutch-spoken, but you can choose English subtitles by selecting them from the subtitles menu at the bottom of the video.