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Singapore Civil Defence Force

"The ability to coordinate multiple trainees who are geographically separated from me reduces the hassle we face in conducting the training centrally in the academy."

Capt. Ron Chua - Course Commander at the Leadership Development Center - Singapore Civil Defence Academy

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) boasts state-of-the-art training facilities at their Civil Defence Academy, which features the Advanced Command Training System 2 (ACTS 2). The ACTS 2 operates entirely on XVR software. SCDF uses XVR On Scene to train large-scale incidents that would be too costly, too complex, or too dangerous to recreate at conventional training facilities, such as major oil refinery fires. With these realistic virtual training scenarios, they can fulfil a wide range of learning objectives, including self-led exercises.

View their testimonial below, and see how they apply XVR’s platforms for a multitude of educational and training purposes.

The video is English-spoken with English subtitles.