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British High Commissioner visits SCDF Civil Defence Academy


(Photo Credits: Taken in Singapore Civil Defence Academy, ACTS2. Presentation on why and how SCDF leverage on ACTS2 for disaster management training)

In the morning of 14th November 2019, Her Excellency Kara Owen, visited the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) Civil Defence Academy (CDA) for a tour on its training facilities. Among the showcased facilities was the Advanced Command Training System 2 (ACTS 2). 

Operating on XVR Simulation, a software designed for incident command to manage disaster and crisis management, the ACTS 2 is a state-of-the-art system that leverages on virtual simulations to create realistic training scenarios that would be too costly, too complex or too dangerous to recreate in real life, such as major oil refinery fires. Equipped with full recording, playback and analysis features, instructors and trainees are able to review their trainings for future improvements. Best of all, these trainings are conducted in a safe and repeatable environment, where the instructor can take control of the training objectives.

(Photo Credits: Photo Taken by SCDF. Demo scenario created by CDA for incident command training)

CDA showcased a training scenario created with XVR Simulation, where an oil tank fire incident is replicated. This particular incident is used to train in incident command for ground response and firefighting procedures. 

Next, an urban search and rescue training scenario video, created with XVR Simulation, was shown to demonstrate the type of training scenarios one could create and train in. The video shows the perspective of a first-person view from a VR headset in the rescue mission and allows the trainee to take note of the proper procedures during a search and rescue mission.

(Photo Credits: Taken in Singapore Civil Defence Academy, ACTS2. Her Excellency Kara Owens trying out an XVR Simulation training scenario with a VR reality headset) 

Steven Lohman, Founder and CEO of XVR Simulation, was enthused during the event, “We’re honoured to showcase our XVR Simulation training solutions to Her Excellency, Kara Owens. Our team in Singapore will continue to provide top quality disaster and emergency management solutions for Singapore Civil Defence Force!”