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SDMIS 69 picking up the pace through XVR

A hundred lieutenants have been using a 3D operational simulation tool for a few days now.

At the fire brigade school of the SDMIS (Service départemental-métropolitain d'incendie de secours) in Saint-Priest, lieutenants are regularly welcomed for the three-years training, which lasts three days and allows them to maintain their skills and update their new methods. Since September 16th, trainers have had a new tool at their disposal: XVR Simulation.

"Thanks to this technology, we can recreate an operational situation, like a fire," explains Captain Benoît Ras, in charge of pedagogy. In this case, the one of a pharmacy.

The digital tool will be a real game changer

The fire brigade practises emergency management thanks to a 3D simulation of a burning building at the departmental and metropolitan school of the Lyon and Rhône fire brigades (SDMIS 69). Photo Progress /Maxime JEGAT

"We can test our lieutenants in a serene environment, in front of a screen, and make them manage the constraints. We made a digital shift in 2017 and we continue to take steps in this direction," explains the officer in charge of developing the tool. "It is not only a way to reduce training costs, it is a real added value, an ambition. Indeed, in the coming weeks, about a hundred lieutenants will be able to be trained in several environments, which should make it possible to increase skills."

"The scenarios on technical platforms are complex, time-consuming to implement and not everyone can pass. The digital tool will change the situation.”

Because behind each simulation, there is a technical operator, it is he who sets the rules at the beginning of the simulation (inhabitants, streets, cars, fire volume, smoke...), in relation to the pedagogical needs. It is he who makes the scenario evolve according to the trainee's decisions.

In 2020, column leaders could be trained using this tool on rarer cases, such as airplane accidents and mass killings. Ultimately, all SDMIS executives will be affected.