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DRIVER+ trial in Poland with XVR RM

The XVR Resource Management (RM) module is all about inter agency collaboration and managing a large scale crisis and the logistical issues that come with it.

During the first DRIVER+ trial, RM featured in a large, international collaboration of over 100 firefighters from three different countries, in which RM contributed to the visualisation of the crisis and the incident response efforts.

In the scenario, more than 2,5 million cubic meters of toxic waste has flooded into a European town. 15 people have died and 200 people suffer from severe toxic injuries. The toxic flood covers an area of 30 square kilometres. Chaos is spreading and dozens of buildings are on fire. Using RM, the crisis management centre must decide when and where to allocate resources. 

Click here to see a video produced by Euronews on the trial.

The first DRIVER+ Trial has been completed. DRIVER+ is already ramping up to perform their second trial.