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Fire brigade Twente uses XVR in fight against terror

This October, the Twente Fire Services’ training days for operational officers focussed on the fight against terrorism. Over 20 officers of the Fire Service Twente were trained during two meetings with the help of XVR On Scene.

XVR On Scene was used during the training days to help the officers visualise and assess the severity of the incident. The police were also involved in the training. One of the training objectives was to let the authorities jointly consider the different action perspectives in the event of a terror attack. 

Two scenarios were prepared for the training. The first scenario took place in the inner city of Enschede. In order to increase familiarity and immersion for the participant, an existing environment was converted into a recognisable location in Enschede. The other scenario took place at a train station in Twente. This too has been replicated in the virtual environment as realistically as possible. 

The training with XVR was received positively. It is seen as a nice addition to current training methods, and will be used more often and more extensively in the future.