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Getting things done in New Caledonia

The DSCGR (the Civil Security Directorate for Risk Management) in Noumea, New Caledonia is stepping up their use of training methods with virtual simulation. Within three weeks the DSCGR went from little experience in virtual reality simulation training, to a fully operational simulation centre.

Setting an example

The way the DSCGR has implemented XVR On Scene in their training curriculum is a great example for other users. Nine operators have been put through the XVR Train the Trainer course and are already creating their own scenarios with a variety of car accidents, (wild)fires and floods. Two weeks after the Train the Trainer course, XVR was used in a flooding exercise to assess the flood responsiveness of the Mont-Dore city hall.

Why and how XVR is used

The versatility of XVR On Scene and the large base of French speaking users already using the system were the two main reasons for DSCGR to choose XVR. They aim to use XVR to both teach and train civil security personnel like firefighters and city hall employees. The DSCGR invited their partners of the (military) police, ambulance, industrial sites and airport to present XVR officially.

The next step for DSCGR is to visit more experienced XVR users in France to exchange best practices and experiences. The implementation at DSCGR has been done in partnership with our French partner ECASC VALABRE, the school of civil security application of Valabre.