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Revolutionary step FMTC to conduct VR training

AMS SCHIPHOL AIRPORT - XVR Simulation and FMTC are pleased to announce a newly formed educational partnership agreement to further expand the FMTC safety training curriculum with the simulation training capabilities of XVR Simulation.

CEO Joost Beerthuis and Director of Maritime Development Tim Lodder of XVR Simulation joined the management team of FMTC consisting of Rob Bruinsma, Erwin Roos and Joeri van de Watering to sign the agreement at the FMTC safety training centre near Schiphol Airport. 

With the agreement, FMTC aims to expand their existing training curriculum of theoretical and practical training with virtual reality training. The implementation of virtual reality to the training curriculum provides FMTC with a blended learning environment, offering even more flexibility for FMTC customers. 

XVR Simulation will train a team of instructors at FMTC. Together with the FMTC instructors, XVR Simulation will be able to further expand their scenario database with maritime, offshore and industry-specific scenarios. The partnership with FMTC also allows XVR Simulation to further expand their maritime market. 

Tim Lodder (XVR Simulation) is excited about the newly formed partnership: “Not only does XVR Simulation share a lot of core values with FMTC like flexibility and customer focus, this partnership also gives us an edge towards our future maritime market development.”

Rob Bruinsma (FMTC) is optimistic about the future: “As training centre we strongly believe in the combination of virtual training and real life training. Learning by practising as much as possible is our motto. We aim to be fully operational with XVR Simulation after the summer.”


XVR Simulation and FMTC sign partnership agreement. Pictured from left to right: Erwin Roos, Tim Lodder, Rob Bruinsma, Joeri van de Watering, Joost Beerthuis

About FMTC
FMTC is the newest safety training centre for Maritime training (STCW), Offshore training (OPITO & NOGEPA), Wind training (GWO) and Industry training. You can find us at the practice centre of the Fire Brigade Amsterdam at Schiphol Amsterdam and Dordrecht near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This guarantees realistic practices and assures working with the best materials and most committed instructors. Besides safety, also flexibility has a high level of priority. This means that you can start training right now, whenever it suits you.

For more information please visit our website at or contact Anouk ter Harmsel via

About XVR Simulation
XVR Simulation is the world’s leading developer of simulation technology for the education, training and assessment of safety & security professionals. It is the mission of XVR Simulation to enhance the knowledge and expertise of these professionals, improving their preparedness for any incident or disaster. The XVR platform offers a set of modular solutions for all your training objectives, from operational to strategic command levels.

For more information please visit our website at or contact Rindert Reitsma via