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Launch of XVR On Scene 2021

This latest release of our core software, XVR On Scene, is now available. For the 2021 release, which was running alongside the development of the new XVR Expo, we decided to implement new functionalities and tweaks across the board. We believe there is truly something for everyone in this year’s release!

In total, we have implemented 25 new features or updates to existing functionalities, as well as re-shuffled the XVR Control Centre, which will make it more intuitive to navigate. These range from setting custom colours for free paths and locations markers to locking CCTV detail monitors. Inputting simulated GPS coordinates to disabling movement lines. Adding rotation nodes to free paths to being able to hide events in Train-mode. And much, much more. Like we said, improvements across the board!

On the XVR Community website, you can download the feature list for a full overview, including a short description of each new or improved functionality, or you can (re-)watch the recording of this year’s User Group Meeting, where we go through them one by one.

All users of XVR On Scene should by now have received an email with a link to the latest software installer. A USB stick will also be sent by regular mail to all users and should arrive within a few weeks. If you have not yet received an email with install information, please get in touch with Service & Support.

Watch the video below for a compilation of all the new features and updates.