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XVR merges with LearnPro eFireService

XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService merge to create a global leader in virtual reality training and e-learning for the health and emergency services.

24-08-2021 - Delft, The Netherlands; Farnborough, England; and Edinburgh, Scotland:

XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService have merged to create a global leader in virtual reality and e-learning solutions for the health, fire, police and other emergency services. The combined software suite provides a platform for learning management, authoring, competency reporting, and training, including an immersive virtual reality simulation training platform.

The combined business has a focus on public sector organisations where training is essential to maintain and improve skills and knowledge, and together they will have over 450 fire, police and health customers in over 50 countries. The suite of products are used by leading public sector institutions to train over 300,000 emergency service and health care staff each year.
The newly formed group will be led by Joost Beerthuis, CEO of XVR Simulation, supported by the founders of LearnPro eFireService, Christine Blaydon, Stewart Walters, and Neil Colling.

Commenting on the merger, Joost Beerthuis, CEO XVR Simulation, stated:
“Merging XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService is an exciting opportunity that brings together expertise in training both front line staff and incident response/managers. XVR Simulation is the market leader in virtual reality training for emergency services and combining with LearnPro eFireService’s expertise in learning management and competency training and reporting will make us a global leader in virtual reality training and e-learning for the health and emergency services.”

Christine Blaydon, MD and founder of LearnPro eFireService, added:
“At LearnPro eFireService, we have developed a platform that includes a vast library of content created with our customers in the NHS as well as within the fire service, all delivered on a user-led, multi-platform basis. Adding the immersive capabilities of XVR Simulation will be exciting for our staff and customers.”

Neil Colling, MD and founder of LearnPro eFireService, noted:
“We are excited about the shared heritage and focus on fire and rescue customers, with the combined business having unique ability to deliver training, competence management, and e-learning capabilities from incident commanders through to the station and front line staff. There is a wide range of customers associated with emergency response and public infrastructure that we are able to support.”

Looking ahead, Beerthuis added:
“The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, with training face-to-face or in a group significantly restricted, have reinforced to our customers the value of technology-driven training, delivered in a flexible manner. The combined business is well placed to invest in new products to support our customers as we launch new products such as XVR Expo and WorkforcePro.”


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About XVR Simulation
XVR Simulation believes in enhancing the competence and expertise of all emergency responders through simulation. We do this by creating versatile programs in which learning is key and the instructor is in control. Every program offers an immersive learning environment for all levels of incident command, to be used in both single- and multi-agency exercises.

XVR Simulation is the world’s leading developer of simulation technology with over 300 training organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide using XVR to train 150,000 incident responders every year. XVR boasts over 30 international partners providing users with local support.

About LearnPro eFireService

LearnPro eFireService provides compliance based e-learning, competency management, and training solutions for public sector organisations across the UK. These solutions are delivered through two core platforms; LearnPro and eFireService.

LearnPro, with over 500,000 registered users, is used by over 100 customers across the public sector in the UK and in most hospitals within the NHS.
Learnpro manages over 100,000 users each month accessing over half a million assessments and modules ensuring compliance across the public sector covering the NHS, Community Health Care Sector and Councils and Fire Service.

eFireService is the UK’s market-leading platform for the provision of competence management and e-learning solutions for Fire and Rescue Services. It is the only solution that integrates training, incident recording, e-learning, development pathways, and equipment testing in one system.

Over 50,000 operational Fire and Rescue staff across the UK access the eFireService platform for all their competence, learning, and development needs.

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