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LFRS trials new XVR remote Cloud solution

As many of us continue to work partially or wholly from home, XVR Simulation has been exploring more and better options for working remotely – innovative solutions that will last well beyond the pandemic. We have recently started trialling a new set-up where XVR On Scene is run on virtual computers via the Cloud instead of on local computers.

Where the existing set-ups all require one or more high-end computers being switched on and available, the new Cloud-based solution relies on browser access to an XVR Cloud service. In the Cloud, each participant can run their own virtual XVR machine. All that is needed is a regular computer or laptop and a high-speed internet connection – one computer may host several virtual machines simultaneously, and participants use a browser-based application called Nutanix to access their machine. By using browser-based access rather than a program like TeamViewer, staff does not have to get permission to bypass the organisation’s firewall or IT policies. The amount of virtual machines you can open at once depends on the amount of XVR licences each user has.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) has tested this new set-up with good results so far. The set-up has increased performance, so participants can run their virtual machines while still keeping their webcams on, something some users have experienced problems with when using the current set-ups. LFRS has also managed to connect computers, laptops, several kinds of mobile devices and even a gaming console with browser access. While they are still “working out the kinks”, they are excited about the possibilities for remote training and assessment this set-up offers. You can follow LFRS’ efforts with the trial on their Twitter page, @LFRS_Learning.

Leicestershire Incident Command Instructor and XVR Facilitator Ian Batchelor states, “It has been a privilege for LFRS to trial this, it will revolutionise the way that the XVR Community uses XVR On Scene.

We have had fantastic results with the Cloud version. This opens up a whole new world of how we as service can deliver training, coaching and mentoring to our staff, not only as one-to-one sessions, but also groups learning, and multiple different fire stations all in the same environment.

I am very excited to see this working fully in our service, and its use is only limited by our own imagination. Thank you to Ferry and Mathieu for giving me the opportunity to test and for all your help and support, it has been a pleasure.”

If you would like to learn more about the different methods of remote working which are currently supported by XVR Simulation, including the new Cloud-based option, you can watch the detailed video with XVR’s Steven van Campen here. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for this new Cloud-based solution for working remotely, please get in touch to see what the options are.