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On Scene 2019 launched

Over the last few weeks, XVR Simulation has proudly presented On Scene 2019 to its users during the first annual User Group Meetings (UGM). On Scene (OS) 2019 has been released to all users who attended the UGM, and will be released to all others in the coming weeks.

During the development of OS 2019 we focused on improving the usability and shareability while also providing our users with even more freedom to create their own environments and scenarios.


OS 2019 gives users an unparalleled amount of freedom to create localised scenarios. The introduction of the ‘path object’ allows you to customise environments even further. It enables builders to draw roads, treelines, rivers and lots of other items, providing builders with the tools to recreate their local situation even easier. The path object is also able to automatically generate repeating path elements like streetlights or even complete flyovers.


To complement our existing offering of fire and smoke effects, we have introduced a new fire system that is specifically designed to allow flexible scaling and cropping. You will therefore be able to generate far larger fires at a fraction of the performance cost when compared to the legacy fire effects. It’s also a lot easier to create fires within a compact space as the fire is cropable.

The power of the community

Day in day out, our active international community uses XVR On Scene to train and educate incident commanders all around the world. We mean to empower our community even more and enable them to help each other out. Thanks to the Favourites functionality, we let users save any collection of placed objects as a separate XVR file. This file is easily shared and reused within the community.

VR Ready

OS 2019 is completely VR Ready. Even more, we have implemented more advanced VR interactions like the ability to pick up any object and entering vehicles. OS 2019 is fully up to date with the latest innovations. We support the HTC Vive Tracker, allowing you to track actual ‘real world’ objects in On Scene. Furthermore, The Valve Index which was released in June, can be used out of the box with OS 2019. We are currently experimenting with ways to support the finger tracking functionality of the Valve Index.

And there’s more…

OS 2019 is packed with new functionalities and content. To see a sneak preview of other new functionalities and content, please see the video below.