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XVR Community continues to grow

The global XVR Community continues to grow. Enthusiastic users all over the world have joined the community and they will all start working with the XVR Simulation Platform.

Safety regions IJsselland and Zaanstreek Waterland have joined the community in the Netherlands. The already large community in Great Britain has been expanded to include all fire brigades from Wales. Mid & West Wales and North Wales Fire and Rescue Services joined XVR in 2019. In addition, the RNLI who are a rescue charity based in the UK and Ireland will also be working with XVR Simulation.

In Germany, the Polizei Rheinland Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) has started working with XVR. Approximately 9000 active policemen need further training, and all new students will be training in the On Scene world. LFS Sachsen has also decided to focus almost fully on virtual training. In Sachsen (Saxony), a great number of people need to be trained which made them decide to triple their licenses in order to train more people in a more efficient way.


In the far east, the world is also slowly but surely becoming more orange. In China there are many new users in the medical sector such as Ningxia Medical University, Tianjin Medical College and the Shanghai Eastern Hospital. A brand new XVR Simulation Centre will soon open in South Korea, as part of the National Fire Service Academy (NFSA). The NFSA will be training all the commanding officers there.

North and South America

In North America, LA Metro started training with the entire XVR Simulation Platform. LA Metro will make extensive use of the Self-Led functionalities of XVR. This will enable LA Metro to reach a greater range of students with virtual training. By using the platform in this way, students will practice a realistic scenario at their own level, without the need for an instructor to be present. Furthermore, XVR Simulation will be mooring in Colombia, where the SACS GROUP will be training with XVR Simulation. Preferred reseller for the maritime and offshore market, Blue Orange Wave, will offer a ready-to-use training solution for the leading supplier in the field of HSEQ training.

Click here for an interactive overview of all our new users.