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XVR Community keeps on growing

The global XVR Community continues to grow. Enthusiastic users all over the world have joined the community and they will all start working with the XVR Simulation Platform.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom we’re welcoming The Mid & West Wales Fire authority and Network Rail to our community. The Fire Authority is responsible for delivering proactive and reactive fire and rescue services to the people of Mid and West Wales, in an open, transparent and cost-effective way. Training with XVR On Scene will allow them to do just that. Network Rail owns, operates and develops all of Britain’s railway infrastructure. After visiting the User Group Meeting UK this summer, Network Rail made the call to start training with XVR On Scene intensively.


In Germany, the Malteser Hilfsdienst has also started working with XVR. Malteser is one of the largest charitable service providers in Germany with over one million members and supporters. To hit the ground running, Malteser will make use of the XVR Train the Trainer course, in order to make their own scenarios.


XVR Simulation has also successfully entered the Polish market with the Polish State Fire Service in the Lodz Region. Below a picture of our partner Jan Klimes from Meditrans delivering the On Scene licence to st. kpt. Michał Kłosiński, deputy head of the operations department of the State Fire Service Lodz, signalling their official start with XVR Simulation.


Power Construction Corporation of China, also known as PowerChina, has joined the XVR community during Q3 this year. PowerChina undertakes functions such as national planning and review of hydropower, wind power, solar power and other clean and new energy sources. XVR On Scene will be used to create training scenarios that can be used in a classroom setting, with the aim to improve emergency preparedness and response. 

PowerChina on why they chose XVR: “XVR has accumulated many years of research and development in both their software and case studies. In addition to that, XVR software is intuitive, easy to use and there is an existing user community. Through the recommendation from my friend, we have decided to take up XVR.”